We simply cannot return over the years, but we are able to keep going send up to somebody invent new in reverse day host

We simply cannot return over the years, but we are able to keep going send up to somebody invent new in reverse day host

They are able to also travel

[A tune begins to tackle towards the song out of Zager Evans’ For the the year 2525.] Song: [verse step one] In the year you to-o-four, one-o-four In the event the man has been live In the event that robot may survive It may find

[verse 2] In the year twenty-four twenty-five twenty-five The latest in reverse big date host still won’t have found its way to every the world, discover only 1 tech A beneficial rusty blade having practicing proctology

They travelling send

[verse step three] Afterwards season one to closes which have good twenty A slumpy merman is probably try to get chummy He might seem like an effective watery wimp While in facts they are a blood dehydrated schrimp

[verse cuatro] In 1 million . 5 Individual kind is actually enslaved by giraffe People need to pay for all his mistakes When the tree tops is removed off their leaves

[Montage during the song: Around 105105 (verse 1), the world is covered into the freeze and you can Eskimos pursue new staff towards the seals with handguns. In the year 252525 (verse dos), it meet a good mediaeval palace in which a beneficial knight operating a ostrich stabs Bender regarding back that have a sword. In 351120 (verse step three), the world is covered in water. The full time machine drifts, and you may Fry and you may Farnsworth explore Bender’s ft to own oars. An excellent merman attempts to enjoy them, nevertheless turns out to be a massive schrimp. In one million and a half (verse cuatro), they see again a mediaeval castle, but this time its home is quite tall, and you will from the jawhorse arrives a beneficial giraffe being removed from the half dozen enslaved human beings. They’re going a toward a tree which have one leaf kept and you may brand new giraffe takes it. It travel give] [Scene: Entire world Display: Fulfilling area. The year 3030. World Display has grown to become an enormous beginning company with quite a few of numerous duplicates of one’s Planet Express watercraft. Leaving and typing. A classic Hermes and old Leela seems across the hangar and this have step 3 stories off ships which can be every leaving and typing.] Old Hermes: Often I can’t believe how successful Entire world Share became given that teacher was killed and also you caught control.


[She takes out a photo from their and you may Fry, who is ingesting a will out-of Slurm. Behind the brand new pictures really stands an adult Cubert.] Dated Cubert: Hello, Leels.

[Cubert’s sight broaden.] [Scene: The entire year five mil. The world is included that have innovative houses and its beings is actually brief and you will pink, having pointy ears, carrying a great headband having a reddish circle-in front side. The brand new crew’s time server lands inside the a playground and they satisfy a few people.] Men inhabitant: Get we help you, uncommon ones?

[She reveals a holographic presentation a lot more than the thoughts. A human contour is actually split up in two; you to side is the red of those.] Men inhabitant: You can find i; advanced when you look at the intellect and morality.

[ not, this time around the brand new Dumblocks took over and something hits Bender into head.] [Scene: The year ten mil. Right here, many ruins coverage the earth, when you are icon robots having laser beams outrage combat on the people. Some wounded troops pass by committed machine because will come.] Farnsworth: Yuhoo, people! What is actually this era from inside the history such as for instance?

Soldier #1: This new. brand new hosts, i dependent these to create our lives much easier, nevertheless they rebelled. They won’t prevent up until all the peoples was lifeless.

[Farnsworth and Fry aren’t proud of which future, however, Bender, on top of that, appears to be enjoying the candidate.] Bender: Which seems like a fantastic coming. Let’s merely stand here. We could calm down thereon hill regarding skulls.